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You can download our logo here.
You may use our logo if you have an agreement with CompuSoft.

Before downloading and using the logo, it is important that you read the rules and guidelines for using the logo.


The meaning of the logo

The two boomerangs in the logo refer to our vision and mission: to embrace change and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes with great value for our clients.


When a boomerang is thrown correctly, it rotates about itself while flying through the air. It can fly far, and if thrown correctly, it returns to or past the starting point and can often be caught.


The logo is available in 3 versions and the boomerangs can also be used without the company name. Click on the logo to download it.

1. The boomerangs are on the left in relation to the company name.


2. The boomerangs are centered over the company name.




3. The boomerangs without the company name.




4. Logo with slogan





The colors of the logo

The logo is two-colored in red and black. The left boomerang is red, the right boomerang is black and the company name is black.


RGB: 184 - 41 - 47
HEX: #B9292F
CMYK: 30% - 100% - 100% - 0%


RGB: 35 - 31 - 32
HEX: #231F20
CMYK: 0% - 0% - 0% - 100%


On a dark background, the logo can be used in negative.


The font of the slogan
In cases where you need to edit the slogan or reproduce the slogan separately from the graphics in the logo, use the font Bauhaus Light.


Size of CompuSoft's logo
To ensure a uniform expression, the following dimensions must be observed when using the logo:


Format/logo height
A6/A5/half page advert: 9 mm
A4/A3/half-page advert: 11 mm
A2: 17 mm
A1: 24 mm
A0: 34 mm
Roll-up: 75 mm


Respect distance
The space around the CompuSoft logo must be at least twice the total width of the red and black boomerang.

Please note that all information, including logo, images, sound and text, provided on this website is the property of CompuSoft.


You are very welcome to download and use our logo for editorial articles approved by CompuSoft and graphic productions ordered by CompuSoft. In the case of copying or dissemination or other discretionary reproduction, we reserve the right to involve the courts.