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Comwell H.C. Andersen in Odense implements CompuSoft parking system

Comwell H.C.Andersen, Odense

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As a guest at the hotel Comwell H.C. Andersen, you are always ensured a parking space for your car. The hotel's private parking area is controlled by a parking solution from CompuSoft. Thus, the parking area is equipped with a boom barrier system, barcode scanners and chip readers, which ensures that only hotel guests can use the area.


The hotel's regular suppliers, staff, etc. are issued personal chip cards, which provide easy access to the parking area.


The parking system can be configured with individual parking rules. For example, Comwell H.C. Andersen's guests can park for free from 24:00 to 08:00. 


The parking system can be expanded and scaled as necessary, e.g. with license plate recognition and guest app, and the system can be integrated with all of CompuSoft's other solutions.

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