Ferry travel and leisure sailing

CompuFerry ferry booking is a booking platform that offers a universe of online passenger services. The system is distinguished by its many features specially designed for ferries, island hopping and sailing trips: Capacity management, section distribution, three-point sailing and multipoint sailing, where passengers can hop on and off the boats at various ports of call, and island cards for commuters.


Tailor-made booking platform for ferries, island hopping and leisure sailing

Sailing schedules, ticket sales, capacity management, handling of special sailings and parking of vehicles.

There is a lot to keep track of before the ferry can depart from the quay.

With CompuFerry, you get a booking platform that handles all types of sailing, and where passengers can put together tours and book and buy tickets online.

Importantly, you also get a backend administration system that keeps track of all the details for administration, captain and crew. All the features are specially designed for ferries, island hopping and leisure sailing.

Read more below and experience the benefits of our comprehensive booking platform, and see how you can manage bookings, vehicles and ticket revenues so that your passengers can enjoy the crossing.

Capacity management and section distribution

With CompuFerry, you can manage vessels with individual characteristics and automatically optimize capacity for each departure.


With the graphical tool for section distribution, you can divide decks and suspended decks into sections for different vehicle categories, and based on your distribution plan, CompuFerry automatically creates an optimal parking plan for the vehicles as the passengers make their bookings.


With the section distribution tool, you also have the option of manually rearranging the vehicles between the sections for individual parking and optimal capacity utilization.

Three-point navigation for optimal positioning of vehicles

When a vessel sails between several destinations and with several ports of call, it places great demands on the positioning of vehicles. It is especially important here that the vehicles are positioned appropriately so that those that need to leave first are positioned correctly.


Our module for handling three-point navigation helps the deck staff to ensure that the vehicles are optimally loaded, taking account of the passengers' final destinations. Thus, the vehicles are not simply loaded in the order they are booked. CompuFerry three-point navigation takes account of the order in which the vehicles need to leave the vessel, so that the unloading can take place quickly and smoothly.

Multipoint sailing for island hopping and leisure sailing

With our tailor-made online booking for special sailings, passengers can arrange their sailing trips and visit several destinations along the route.


You can sell tickets online for island hopping and leisure trips, where passengers can hop on and off the ships at the various ports of call and possibly also make stops along the way.


If passengers on the voyage cross zones with different fares, CompuFerry automatically calculates the total fare in relation to the selected route.


References: Hjejleselskabet in Silkeborg and Svendborg Ø-hop (DK)

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CompuFerry features in keywords:

  • Vessel list: Characteristics and capacity of registered vessels
  • Capacity overview: Number/type of vehicles that can be on board the vessels
  • Section distribution: Distribution of vehicles on decks and suspended decks
  • Three-point sailing: Optimal packing of vehicles when calling at several destinations
  • Automated sailing schedules
  • Online booking and ticket sales with individual booking rules, e.g.:
    • Which vehicles may use online booking
    • How much of the vessel's capacity may be booked via online booking
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Everything for administration, captain and crew

  • Passenger lists
  • Departure list for the captain
  • Detailed departure lists for crew
  • Reporting the number of passengers to the Danish Maritime Authority
  • Handheld ticketing devices for validation and ticket sales
  • Detailed statistics about everything
  • Booking overview for the administration
  • Dashboards with graphical presentation of all important key figures
  • Integration with accounting programs
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Everything for passengers

  • Multipoint sailing for island hopping and round trips
  • Trip planner: Hop on and off the ships, make a stop
  • Automatic ticket pricing based on the zones crossed
  • Online booking, ticket machines and information stands
  • Online payment by credit card, mobilepay and cPay payment site
  • E-ticketing
  • SMS module for reminders and for changing tickets
  • Mobile apps for passengers
  • Commuter cards, island cards, monthly cards, multi-trip cards etc.
  • Periodic invoicing for business customers
  • VIP card for regular transports/suppliers to islands
  • Payment via bizz and number plate

Keep passengers well informed with mobile apps and SMS service

With the SMS module, the system can send automatic reminders to passengers about their crossing. Messages can also be sent to passengers regarding changes to the sailing schedule, cancellations or additional routes.


With our mobile app, you can provide an extraordinary service to commuters and business customers. In the app, passengers can see their trips and associated tickets, as well as buy, change and cancel tickets. Passengers can also use the app to share tickets with fellow travelers. Business customers can view invoices and pay for invoices online.

E-tickets allow fast and flexible validation

The passenger receives their e-ticket via SMS, e-mail or via our mobile app

We support payment via bizz and number plate

  • Payment by bizz: Here, the passenger cannot make a reservation in advance. Once the passenger has checked in, there is space on board the first ferry
  • Payment by number plate: Here, the passenger can book a ticket in advance and pay automatically at check-in, either with an account or via bizz

CompuFerry can be integrated with all our products from our comprehensive product portfolio. We carry a wide range of products for access control, ticketing and self-service, and the solutions can be tailored to special needs.


Contact us and hear more about your options.

Handheld devices for check-in and ticketing

We offer various handheld ticketing devices with important features for the staff:


  • Ticket sales
  • Barcode and QR ticket scanner
  • Contactless payment
  • Settlement of invoice customers
  • Handheld receipt printer
  • Validation and check-in
  • Sailing schedules for staff
  • Departure lists