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Special experiences require a special hotel system

When your hotel is not like all the others

Special experiences require a special hotel system

With our dynamic hotel system it is easy for you to offer unique package deals to guests

Booking of experiences beyond the usual

Fortunately, there are many hotels that want to give their guests a very special experience that you will never forget when you have been lucky enough to stay there.  Some hotels are driven by a particular design idea or an attitude towards nature and the environment. And some have emerged as a fun idea.


For example, today you can buy an experience stay in a Boeing 747 near Stockholm or in a converted Victorian prison in Oxford, or even underground with a view of the fantastic night sky in Finland.


Many guests want to book different stays that include experiences, and this places great demands on the reception and - not least - on the booking system. 


It should be easy to combine overnight stays with lectures, guided hikes, extreme sports, courses or other activities and thus book experience packages.


CompuBook hospitality system is designed with a focus on high flexibility and provides you with new opportunities to put together and book guest experiences beyond the usual.


Hospitality system with all the features you could dream of


CompuBook hospitality system offers a wealth of features that gives you new opportunities for an efficient and well-functioning reception.


The system includes a very comprehensive package tool that makes it easy to put together packages across your rental units. And with the automated price calculation tool, you can put together stays in a new and different way, where you are no longer restricted by rental types and categories. Of course, you can still predefine experience packages, but now you can also put together bespoke packages on demand via the intelligent booking calendar.


The system provides complete control over all package compositions, differentiated prices, discounts, surcharges, periods, customer types, rental types and much more. And of course, all package sales are automatically distributed and posted to the correct financial accounts.


The system contents in key words:

  • In-house booking
  • Online booking (add-on)
  • Package booking/experience booking
  • Activity booking/time booking
  • Guide booking (add-on)
  • Group booking
  • Conference management
  • Restaurant module with table control
  • Kitchen order system
  • Cleaning system
  • CRM customer care
  • Automatic accommodation for both individuals and groups
  • Occupancy optimization
  • Automatic bookkeeping
  • Automated customer communication
  • Marketing module
  • Dashboard with all important key figures