Parking spaces / Motorhome pitches

CompuPark is a smart system for managing parking systems based on smart camera solutions that read the car's number plate and the start of the parking time. The solution works independently of barrier systems and ticket machines to achieve an efficient traffic flow. When the car leaves the car park again, we offer all options for payment. We provide combined solutions with a self-service portal, ticket machines, online booking, access control and barrier systems, so you can provide your parking guests with all the benefits.


Extraordinary parking service with ANPR

Create a smooth traffic flow with number plate recognition and allow guests, staff and suppliers to drive in and out of your parking area unhindered. Our high-tech cameras identify the car's number plate, and the system behind it processes the data collected.


The cameras are designed and thoroughly tested to read number plates from all over Europe in all kinds of weather and even in difficult lighting conditions and in twilight.


Payment can be made in several ways: Our payment machines support credit cards, coins and MobilePay, contactless payment, installment payment, credit and online payment. Our self-payment platform, cPay, allows visitors to pay online by credit card. If you link your payment card to cPay, parking is automatically paid for when the ANPR camera registers the parking guest's entry and exit.


CompuPark parking system offers easy administration of differentiated tariffs, parking restrictions, leases and monthly invoicing.

Self-service for motorhome guests

We provide self-service parking solutions for unmanned motorhome pitches with full service for the guests. Motorhome guests can easily pay for accommodation and use of service facilities via our cPay online self-service platform.


How conveniently it works:


The number plate is identified by the ANPR camera and the motorhome is granted access to the parking area. At cPay, the guest can pay online with a credit card for the purchase of electricity and water connection to the motorhome and, at the same time, can purchase access to toilets/showers and other service facilities, such as wellness, gym etc.


Digital PIN codes are issued via SMS/e-mail and the guest app, which the guest can use for service facilities.


In combination with our online booking, you can allow motorhome guests to pre-book pitches. If the motorhome's number plate is linked to the booking, the motorhome can enter the area for automatic check-in without hindrance.

Payment machines

Our self-service machines for ticketing, payment and guest registration complement your parking solution.


Here you can sell more than just parking tickets. Grant guests convenient access to all types of tickets: such as sights, attractions, museums, overnight stays, extended parking, multi-trip cards, monthly cards etc.


The guest can also book, check in and pre-order breakfast etc.


The self-service terminal supports payment by credit card, coins and MobilePay.

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Get your very own parking app for digital parking permits and passwords

The cPay self-service platform also offers a guest app, which gives your regular guests great benefits.


Digital parking permits and passwords, receipts, etc. are gathered here, and you can send out information and messages and thus easily keep your guests well informed.

 Digital parking permits

  • Digital passwords
  • Digital invoicing
  • Online payment
  • Information and messages

Read more about integration with guest apps and the cPay online payment site



The parking system offers many combination options and can be tailored to every conceivable purpose. When everyone needs to be able to use the parking area, number plate recognition in combination with traditional ticketing can be an advantage.


We manufacture our own ticket machines with a user-friendly 'push-for-ticket' button that immediately issues a traditional parking ticket with a QR code.


The ticket machines have a built-in chip reader, QR scanner and a display that guides visitors. Thus, you can offer visitors all kinds of access to the parking area: number plate recognition, traditional ticketing, e-ticketing and chip media.

Traditional ticket machines

Ticket machine with user-friendly 'push-for-ticket' button, receipt printer, integrated chip reader and QR scanner, display with guide for visitors.


The machines are manufactured in a robust, weather-resistant and vandal-proof design and are very convenient and intuitive to operate.

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Digital available/occupied signs with automatic charging directly at the parking booth

cSight is an intelligent LED sign that indicates whether the parking space is available or occupied. cSight is installed at the individual parking booth and signals available/occupied, space number, symbols, timers, etc. Arrived vehicles are automatically detected by cSight, which signals to the arriving guest how to pay.


The guest can conveniently pay online via their smartphone, on our self-service machine or on the self-service portal cPay. If it happens that the guest does not pay within a specific time period, the reception is automatically notified and the power and water supply is switched off.


If the motorhome will be temporarily on a trip and briefly leaves its place, cSight signals that the place is occupied, so that others cannot book the place.

Read more about cSight signs


Automized guest communication

  • Edit you own forms / messages / notifications for keeping your guests well informed: Confirmations, receipts, welcome, info, see you soon, etc.

Video surveillance

  • Integrate with video surveillance directly in the CompuSoft Dashboard


  • Keep track of number of parking guests, devided into areas and categories

Capacity management

  • Easy track of number of visiting vehicles and optimize occupancy and capacity

High-tech camera

  • Designed and thoroughly tested to read number plates from all over Europe in all kinds of weather and even in difficult light conditions and twilight.

Support all known payment methods

  • Paymentcards, coins, NFC, credit, online payment, invoicing

Induction loop

  • Detection of the vehicles present using an underground induction loop

Remote control of barriers

  • Control all barriers from remote through online app or backend system

Extensive pricing engine

  • Extensive price engine for handling hourly, daily or weekly billing, fixed price model, seasonal prices, etc.


  • Determine how long check-out time visitors get to leave the facility after payment (eg 15 min)

Cloud based

  • Quick and easy online management from CompuSuite cloud-PMS, so you can manage the system with your smartphone and control opening hours, prices, etc.

Occupancy rate

  • Overall control and monitoring of occupancy and loading via CompuSoft Dashboards

In case of availability

  • Integrate and expand your solution with other equipment, e.g. cSight, to show available parking spaces, or infoboards at the driveways with a maps showing available spaces.

Selv serviced habour and parking payment at NyHavn2 Middelfart, Denmark

Automatic parking system with ANPR at motorhome pitch