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Access media for every need

Choose your access media wisely. Your access media is handled by your guests several times a day and used for many purposes. First and foremost, they must be easy for your guests to bring along with them. Next, they must be simple for everyone to use. Access media is also an important part of your marketing that is very visible for your guests. CompuSoft access control system offers several types of access media.

Access media for every need


CompuSoft access control system offers many different access media, whether you want media for ticketing, access control with/without payment, guest identification or consumption card.


Our media support a fluent guest flow and easy use.


You can choose between reusable media like silicone wristbands, key fobs, and cards, or disposable wristbands made from PVC, fabric, or Tyvek. You can also choose to mix different types of media and thus offer guests different media dependent on the purpose.


Depending on your project and your facility, in some cases we recommend that you use electronic ticketing instead of physical access media. Especially in situations where you want to offer an online self-service solution which allows guests to buy access to your facility or your event.


Give guests beautiful access media to take home as souvenirs


When choosing access media for your business it is important to consider what purpose the media need to serve and what types of guests are going to use the media. You should also consider the marketing value and recognizability. When you provide your guest with a wristband or an access card which the guest handles often, it offers a great way to brand your company.


Choose access media of a good quality and add your own recognizable logo to the media or make fun access cards for children and members. Maybe your guest will take home the card or wristband as a memory of a great experience.


Some access media are suitable for wet environments like swimming facilities and wellness areas, while others are suitable for play areas and amusement parks. Dependent on what you want to ticket, you should consider if it needs to be disposable or reusable access media.


Disposable wristbands


Disposable wristbands are suitable for facilities where you want to make the wristband personal and make sure the wristband cannot be used by any other guests. Disposable wristbands are locked automatically when the guest puts it on and breaks when they take it off again.


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PVC cards and key fobs


Traditional chip cards and key fobs are simple to use. You just hold them in front of the reader for identification. Simple and easy, and practical to use at e.g., access barriers and entrances which do not require the guest to keep the media with them all the time.


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Silicone Wristbands


Reusable silicone wristbands with integrated chip for easy ticketing, id, access control and wireless payment for consumption and activities. Is implemented with success at swimming facilities, holiday centers, and campsites.


Are also used as door keys, locker key at electronic lockers, access barriers, laundries, etc. Can be linked to the guest’s personal wallet and used as wireless payment option at e.g., the cafeteria or facilities. Easy and convenient for the guest to use since the wristband is easy to always carry with them.


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Silicone Wristbands

Eco-friendly access media


At CompuSoft we are always looking for new ways to help the environment – that is why we offer our customers a greener alternative to traditional PVC cards, designed to reduce companies’ impact on the environment, while offering the same high level of security.


Our eco-friendly access media with integrated chip can me integrated with already existing systems and personalized with your business logo, colors, print, etc.

Access cards made from natural materials


Replace your company’s standard PVC card with environmentally friendly and sustainable cards made from wood or bamboo. Cards made from wood or bamboo make it possible for your business to not only express its style in a whole new way but also to express your business’ commitment to reducing the use of plastic.  Thus, handing out these cards to guests also represents a good signal value. You can have peace of mind that your cards come from sustainable sources and are biodegradable at the same time.


Cards made from wood and bamboo are available in a long range of technologies and can be integrated with already existing systems. The cards can be personalized both with laser engraving, but also colored prints, dependent on your business design.
However, we point our that cards made from natural materials are not suitable for wet environments and are not as strong as cards made from PVC.

Cards made from biodegradable PVC - NexPVC®


We wish to offer our customers a larger portfolio of recycled and eco-friendly cards to choose from. Thus, we also offer cards made from NexPVC, a new eco-friendly and biodegradable PVC with added oxo-biodegradable additive which allows the PVC to break down faster. BioPVC cards are available in a long range of contactless technologies which can be integrated with your business’ already existing systems.