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Digital Power Consumption Metering

Put focus on your guests’ power consumption with CompuSoft’s digital power consumption metering and achieve intelligent automation of your rental units.


With CompuSoft’s web-based payment app camping guests can buy and pay for electricity onsite. And with the free web-based guest app, guests can turn power on and off and get running insights into their power consumption. The result is well-informed, self-serviced guests, controlled power consumption, and a fair electricity bill with transparent documentation.

Focus on your guests' power consumption

Digital power consumption metering and reporting

Documented electricity consumption and fair electricity billing

Do you want to avoid discussing electricity bills with your camping guests?

Digital power consumption metering offers onsite purchase of electricity and transparent documentation of power consumption

In combination with CompuSoft's web-based payment app, CompuSoft’s digital power consumption metering offers onsite purchase and payment of electricity. The guest can choose between pre-paid power packages in different sizes kWh or per consumption, depending on what you offer.


Through the web-based guest-app the guest can turn the power on and off as needed and gets full insight into their ongoing electricity consumption with a transparent and detailed report of the electricity consumption metering. An easy and convenient solution for your self-serviced camping or motorhome guests.

Secure and reliable power metering and reporting directly from the power outlet

CompuSoft’s digital power consumption solution measures and reports the guest’s power consumption ongoingly. A digital electricity meter is simply installed per consumer or per power outlet. Do your power bollards have e.g., four outlets, 4 digital electricity meters must be installed as well as one CompuMat IoT controller which connect your booking system with the electricity meters. Contact us for advice and information on installation and implementation options.


Maybe the guest checks in at the front desk. Alternatively, the guest may check in via CompuSoft’s self-service terminal or web-based guest app. Once the guest has checked in, the guest can activate the power outlet and choose a power package through CompuSoft’s web-based payment app.

The guest has full overview of their electricity consumption via the web-based guest-app

CompuSoft’s digital power consumption metering automatically reports the electricity consumption to the guest bill in your CompuSoft booking system. And the web-based guest app makes sure the guest has a full overview of their power consumption through the app’s detailed and transparent reports.


All documentation is simple and transparent and from now on you never have to discuss electricity bills with your guests again. You achieve a simple and fair electricity bill for your guests without unpleasant discussions about power consumption when the guest checks out.

The web-based guest app does not require downloading and thus is easily accessible to all guests.

Learn more about the many possibilities with CompuSoft’s web-based guest app and payment site.

Is it okay to charge the electric car directly from the holiday cabin?

Some electric car owners find it easy and convenient to charge their electric car directly from their rental unit which usually is not ideal as the electricity consumption for charging the electric car is not included in the rental price.


From now on you will not have to discuss the charging of electric cars with your guests. Install CompuSoft’s digital power consumption metering in your holiday cabins and let the guest pay for the total electricity consumption – or the part of the consumption that is beyond the included electricity consumption. Contact us to learn more about our solutions for a fair electricity bill

Tailored interface for your booking system for a greener guest experience

In combination with the CompuSoft booking system our digital power consumption metering offers intelligent climate control and facility management for spaces and rental units.


Thereby you can achieve savings on energy consumption and become more environmentally friendly and energy friendly. When the climate control is set to pre-comfort the electricity consumption control for heating, cooling, and ventilation switches off when the cabin, rental unit, or room is not in use.


E.g., the system turns on automatically an hour before the guest arrive or when the guest checks in. Once the guest checks out, the heat is turned off automatically. Thus, the cabin or room is always warmed up when the guest arrives, without the heat having been on the entire time. 


The solution can also be used for alternating use of other spaces and facilities, such as sauna and fitness room, which your guests can book access to.

Encourage camping guests to consume less energy

When your campsite, holiday resort, or marina focuses on the guest’s energy consumption you achieve a transparent and well-documented electricity bill for the guest account – a fair electricity bill, where the guest pays for their actual consumption and which, in addition, acts as a behavioral regulation measure that encourages the guest to reduce their energy consumption.


Before the guest might have paid the same price for electricity regardless of their consumption. With a fair electricity bill and with the option for the guest to influence the size of the electricity bill themselves, you make it easy for both the environmentally conscious and the price conscious guest to help reduce energy consumption… and perhaps prefer to enjoy the sunset without the light on in their caravan.

Easy monitoring of your total energy consumption

Install meters on all consumption of electricity, water, heating, and cooling and follow the development of the campsite's energy consumption via the integrated web-based Dashboards. You receive running notifications about increased consumption directly on your smartphone or in the CompuSoft app for internal task management. In this way, you can easily monitor your entire facility and keep energy consumption to a minimum.