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Digital platform for welcome messages, communication, guest service, events and crosssales.


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Sign up for a booking solution and get your guest app for free

Retain, inform and sell more through guest apps

With guest apps, you can inform and inspire your guests, both before, during and after their stay

CompuSoft's guest app gathers the guest’s bookings, passwords and orders and keeps the guest well informed about services, offers, activities, local events and attractions.


CompuSoft's guest app offers the guest a wide range of benefits that make the holiday experience even better:

  • All guest information gathered in one place
  • Sharing of booking details and passwords
  • Perform self-service check-in
  • Digital key with access to everything
  • One click turns power on and off
  • One click for online payment
  • Rebooking and extend booking
  • See offers, order takeaway/breakfast
  • Local news, events, experiences etc.

CompuSoft's guest app revolutionizes your business and paves the way for cross sales

CompuSoft's guest app, "cWallet", opens up new opportunities for guest communication and additional sales.


The focal point of the app is the guest, and with the app you can easily inform and inspire your guests, so that the guests are well informed and have easy access to everything.


“My Pages” contains all the information regarding booking confirmations, passwords, tickets and receipts and the guest can easily share necessary information with their fellow travelers.


The guest can register their arrival and check in. In integration with CompuSoft's access control system, the guest can use the app as a digital access key for boom barrier systems, service buildings, laundry, etc., as well as switching electricity and water on and off. The app interacts with existing CompuMat equipment.


In integration with our unique communication module, you can automate guest communication and systematically keep the guest well informed before, during and after their stay.


The guest can use the guest app to learn about your company's activities, offers and promotions, and if you choose to combine the guest app with CompuSoft's online payment site "cPay", the guest app is transformed into a smart webshop, where guests can easily and conveniently use online self-service to purchase services, order and pay for take-away, breakfast, rental of electric cars, bicycles, mooncars, tennis courts and everything your business offers. Naturally, the guest can also book and pay for new stays, extend existing bookings, buy electricity and water supply, etc. from the app, so that the guest becomes completely self-servicing.

Read about integration with cPay online payment site

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Included features

  • Combined overview for the guest of reservations, bookings, registrations, codes etc.
  • Detailed information on all purchases
  • Sharing of information with fellow travelers
  • Self-service check-in
  • Payment for the stay (everything on the order)
  • Messages and notifications
  • Remote control on/off for power and see energy consumption
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Add-ons (options)

  • Payment for all types of purchases, orders and registrations (requires cPay)
  • Extend booking/reservation (requires cPay) 
  • Remote control of integrated facilities such as doors, boom barrier systems, laundry, etc.
  • Read news from your holiday town/company
  • News feeds from local events, experiences etc. are automatically updated directly in cWallet/confirmations and Infoboard/Dashboard
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  • cPay online payment site (webshop)
  • cAsk structured guest communication module
  • Integration module for CompuMat access control system
  • News feeds (tourist guides, weather, local news, etc.)