CompuCash Webbaseret POS and Scan&Go-app

Individual tailor-made cash register solutions for many industries

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How to boost your sales


The cash register must ring - and preferably all the time. We offer you a cash register solution with a focus on fast processing, flexibility and individuality:


  • Individual tailored sales setups with all important features up-front for faster transactions
  • Modern button panel that guides the clerk through a quick sale
  • Just two keystrokes are required to complete a transaction
  • Automated functions that facilitate the transaction
  • Easy to use - also for seasonal workers
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Combine and integrate

Our comprehensive product range for our industry solutions gives you new possibilities with additional options:


  • CompuSoft's booking/customer management and administration system (PMS/CMS)
  • CompuSoft's ticketing and access control solution
  • Webshops
  • Gift cards
  • Current financial systems
  • PDA
  • cWallet guest app and cPay webshop/payment solution
  • Latest payment machines
  • Google Pay, MobilePay
  • 'Safe box' (Sweden, Germany and Austria)
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Industry solutions/group solutions


A cash register solution for all points of sale in your company gives you full control:


  • The dashboard collects sales figures and cash flow from all your points of sale
  • Comprehensive price catalog for the design of all conceivable prices, packages and promotions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automated bookkeeping
  • Automated control of pricing and sales periods

Individually tailored checkout system for many industries

The CompuCash cash register solution caters to many industries. Our cash register solution is used with great success by tourist companies, sports centers, shops, cafes, bars and kiosks. Companies that want to streamline and boost their sales.


With CompuCash cash register solution, you get a flexible solution that is individually tailored to your company. This means that your points of sale get exactly the up-front features that are needed.


If you have several points of sale - perhaps even with different functions - you will greatly benefit from the fact that you can design individual user interfaces for the individual points of sale.


In cases where your sales outlets need to be able to handle multiple functions, it is easy for the clerk to change the sales function at the checkout terminal so that the dispatch can be completed quickly

Du har fuld kontrol over layout og knappaneler

  • Webbaseret kasseløsning med helt ny brugeroplevelse.
  • Meget enkel, centraliseret, grafisk ”drag-and-drop” opsætning af kasselayouts med muligheder for billeder, farver og smart gruppering.
  • Kan bruges på alle enheder med en browser (tablets, smartphones, Mac, Windows, etc.)
  • Hurtig oplæring for sæsonmedarbejdere
  • Nem opsætning af ”Happy Hour”-layouts: Specifikke tilbud åbner på særlige tidspunkter
  • Nem mulighed for at parkere en igangværende ordre til senere (indlæs ordren igen på enhver enhed) – udskriv evt. QR-kode til kunden til senere genindlæsning
  • Nem mulighed for at opdele ordrer i flere delbetalinger på forskellige betalingsmetoder
  • Nem mulighed for at tilføje bemærkninger, rabatter og personlige priser
  • Overskuelig salgshistorik: Alt salg samlet i en kasseløsning

Scan & go app

Med vores 'Scan & Go' app kan gæster helt selv handle i dine butikker. Gæsten scanner varer og betaler med mobiltelefonen. Slut med at stå i kø ved kassen eller vente til butikken åbner.

Kan benyttes i alle former for butikker, f.eks. købmandsbutik, souvenir shops, døgnkiosks m.v. Undgå kø ved kassen, tilbyd nem shopping og betaling, elektroniske bonner og ordrebekræftelser samt mulighed for nem genbestilling.

  • Selvbetjeningskasser
  • Scan og betal direkte med mobiltelefonen
  • Scan og betal direkte ved selvbetjeningskassen
  • Spring uden om køen og handl hensynsfuldt
  • Handlende kan optjene bonus og vinde præmier

Get a tailored checkout industry solution for your business

Experience the benefits of a tailored cash register solution that is directly implemented in your booking and access control system:


  • All sales figures and cash flow from your points of sale are gathered in the back end
  • Key figures are easily presented clearly in your online dashboard
  • Online, you can follow the cash flow of the affiliated points of sale at any time
  • Direct interaction between cash transactions and guests' accounts
  • Easy to transfer purchases to the guest's accounts
  • Easy to split the purchase between several accounts
  • Easy to accept installments




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Restaurant and café module


CompuCash cash register solution also offers a special restaurant module, containing:


  • PDA for table booking/payment
  • Table reservation system
  • Automated order management for the kitchen or bar
  • Self-service online guest bookings directly to the kitchen or bar through the cWallet guest app
  • Take-away module
  • Happy Hour with price reductions at selected times
  • Self-service online breakfast orders with delivery codes via SMS/guest app (cWallet guest app)
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Yes, the cash account balances

A major challenge for many. CompuCash cash register solution offers a wealth of automated features that make it easy and convenient for your sales staff to handle even complex transactions:


  • Currency converter to and from several currencies in the same conversion
  • Automatic revenue distribution and for complex package offers
  • Automatic allocation of discounts and fixed prices for guests
  • Automatic promotion management
  • Automatic calculation of all conceivable differentiated prices
  • Automatically Transfer purchases to the guest account
  • Sharing of purchases for multiple guest accounts
  • Automated inventory management
  • Automated language management for receipts
  • Automated close-of-day with full transaction history of deposits and withdrawalsClose-of-day can be divided according to clerk and cash register
  • Automated bookkeeping for your financial system
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Just 2 keystrokes - it couldn't be easier!


  • With CompuCash cash register solution, you can complete an expedition with just two keystrokes.
    When you have scanned the item, enter the number and press finish


Thus, the seasonal employee will quickly become proficient with the system.

We support all common payment methods

CompuCash webbased POS supports all common payment methods, eg:

  • Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Contactless payment (NFC)
  • Your own payment site (cPay)
  • National payment apps (MobilePa, Swiss, Vipps)
  • Payment cards

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MobilePay integration ved CompuCash kasseterminal



Du kan tilbyde MobilePay-betaling ved dine CompuCasht kasseterminaler. Tilbyd f.eks. dine gæster at  MobilePay-betaling i reception, butik, kiosk og restaurant.


  1. Din kasseterminal udstyres med en MobilePay-knap, som ekspedienten skal trykke på for at afsluttet ekspeditionen. Der installeres en MobilePay-boks, som håndterer transaktionerne.

  2. Gæsten aktiverer sin MobilePay-app, og holder mobilen hen over MobilePay-boksen. Beløbet ses straks på MobilePay, og når gæsten godkender, registreres betalingen i dit system.

  3. I dit bagvedliggende system bogføres indbetalingerne, som du ønsker, på samme måde som dine øvrige indbetalinger. På kasseopgørelsen opdeles indbetalingerne i kategorier, og det er nemt efterfølgende at tjekke alle indbetalinger.
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MobilePay integration for online booking and self-service machines

Offer your guests to pay via MobilePay when booking online on your website. The guest is asked to enter the mobile number on the payment page. When the guest opens MobilePay, the amount to be paid is displayed and the payment can be approved.


MobilePay payment directly at the CompuTouch self-service pedestal makes it easy and convenient for your guests to pay for stays, bookings, parking, tickets and access cards and much more.

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MobilePay integration for service buildings and other facilities

MobilePay payment at your CompuMat access control devices makes it easier for your guests to use your facilities. No more having to approach the front desk to pay. Offer e.g. MobilePay payment by:


  • Entrance boom barriers for e.g. parking area and motorhome area
  • Laundry, shower room, etc.
  • Wellness, swimming pool, etc.
  • Laundry and chemicals for motorhomes
  • Various rentals, e.g. bicycles, tennis courts, mini golf, go-carts, etc.


MobilePay can also easily be used directly for facilities with limited access, e.g. for rental units, selected zones in the wellness department or special facilities for the disabled and families with children or for course and conference customers who wish to use your facilities.

Function Overview

Integration with all known financial systems

Financial integration in various degrees adapted to your company.
  1. A posting file is automatically generated and sent directly to your financial system at an interval of your choice. Typically every night. 
  2. A posting file is generated which you can download in .csv format and which can also be loaded as a cash journal into your financial system.


Individual configuration


All settings can be individually configured and adjusted (menu, button panels, product groups, prices, texts, company logo, department addresses, user access)

Remote support


All CompuSoft’s systems are supported remotely.

Order management with invoice generation


Professionel styring af bestillinger til køkken og bager.

Professional handling of orders for the kitchen and bakery. When the waiter receives orders, these are automatically forwarded to the kitchen and presented to the kitchen staff on a touch screen or printed directly to the kitchen printer.


Takeaway and breakfast orders


Offer the guest the ability to order and pay for takeaway, breakfast, etc. through CompuSoft's guest apps. An electronic order number is automatically sent for use upon collection. Easy and convenient for the guest and the order number is quickly found. Automatic order lists for the kitchen/bakery and receipts for bread bags.


Restaurant module

  • PDA for waiters for table reservation and payment
  • Online table reservation and online orders  
  • Automated order management for kitchen and bar
  • Electronic menu
  • Takeaway module
  • Happy Hour with price reductions during selected periods


All known payment options

  • Your very own payment site - cPay 
  • MobilePay
  • Payment terminals
  • Google Pay
  • Contactless payment (NFC)
  • PDAs
  • Invoicing


Advanced printer management


Automatic management of all your receipt printers (e.g. kitchen, bar, reception, pizza station, label printer, bakery).

Campaign module and price management


Automatic handling of campaigns, discounts, bonus systems, packages, and differentiated prices.

Shared bill


Bonnen deles nemt hvis der er flere der skal deles om at betale

The receipt is easily split if several guests need to share the bill.
At conferences orders can be easily divided and certified to specific people or department.
The restaurant bill can also easily be transferred to a guest account or to a separate account.

Inventory management


Automatic stock write-down. The current stock can be read at any time. Product groups are created for e.g., dairy, bread, toys, etc. Thus, statistics and stock lists can be limited to selected product groups which makes the lists more manageable. Can be supplied with item numbers from well-known suppliers’ product ranges e.g., Lekkerland, Sügro, Chr. Kjæraard, and EDEKA.

Language management


Automatic language management so that menus, products, and receipts are displayed in the customer's own language.

Automatic calculation of prices


Automatic pricing in relation to different periods and number of goods sold - either of the same type or of mixed types. Professional handling of additions, deductions or discounts.

Distribution of revenue from package sales


Professional handling of package offers. Used when an offer consists of several goods. The system automatically distributes the revenue to the individual elements contained in the package. When the package is entered at the checkout terminal, only the overall package offer is displayed. The turnover is distributed according to specified percentages on various statistics and in the bookkeeping.

Currency conversion


Converts to and from several different currencies in the same conversion. Does the guest want to pay part of the bill in e.g., EURO and the rest in another currency or with a credit card, this is done easily via the built-in multi-currency converter.

Intuitive operation


Large, manageable buttons divide the product range into categories adjusted to your business.

Detailed reports and statistics

  • End-of-day with full history of deposits and withdrawals.
  • Complete transaction history for each cashier.
  • Complete accounting-ready documentation.
  • Integration with standard financial systems.
  • Statistics provide the full overview.
  • All data is automatically transferred to Excel and PDF.

Top-seller of the day and cashflow


Live cash flow for all connected cash registers. Easy and clear via online dashboards.

See the top-selling cashier, the busiest cash register, or the best-selling item of the day.

All the necessary equipment

  • PDA
  • Portable receipt printer
  • Customer displays
  • Customer info screen 
  • Touch screens
  • Scanners
  • RFID readers



  • Germany: Tax Office Compliant: GoBD & GDPdU-Export (legally compliant data supply for digital tax audits in Germany. Prepared for TSE.
  • Austria: RKSV Compliance according to the cash register safety regulation.
  • Sweden: Approved by Skatteverket.

Gift Cards


Three good reasons for selling gift cards, easily and conveniently from the checkout terminal:

  1. Guest retention
  2. Increased sales
  3. Quick and easy with electronic vouchers


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