CompuTouch Self-service machine

Our self service machines assist holiday resorts, amusements parks, marinas and sports centers to service their guests.


The machine can be configured for many different purposes. The user interface is tailored specifically to your project, and the machine is equipped with the hardware (I/O) that is relevant to your company.

See selected examples.


Instant booking, reservation, and payment for mooring, berthing, camper area, and service facilities.

Comfortable and secure booking and payment for your guests.

The vendor maschine issues receipts and pin codes and give access to service facilities, doors, and barriers.

Instant reservation, booking and payment for overnights at camp sites

Camping guests have welcomed the vending machines and find it very comfortable to check-in, check-out, extent holiday stays and top-up of service cards, tickets and much more without having to go to reception.

e-ticketing and access control for swimming pools and sports centers

Athletes and guests easily buy tickets and clip cards at the ticket machine. The ticket machine issues QR code send by e-mail for easy access to the facility.

Parking system and ticketing for tourist attractions

Here is another example of a customised solution: Our self-serviced vending machine configurated for purchase of combined parking ticket and access ticket for a tourist attraction.

Instant payment for mooring, parking and WiFi

An customised solution provides the sailors with easy booking and payment for mooring, optional car parking at several parking areas, and access to WiFi.

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Not only do we save time at the front desk, but we also save a lot of money on staff costs with this pedestal. I estimate it to be equivalent to between a quarter to a half-time employee