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cSight - digital available/occupied LED signs

CompuSoft presents the world's first intelligent available/occupied LED light signs, whose functionality and ease of use go far beyond previously known payment methods. cSight makes the reception of sailors and campers elegant and eliminates a whole range of time-consuming routine tasks for the staff.

Future harbor payment with cPay

cPay is launched in connection with cSight. It is an online payment site for all the harbor's users.


  • Guest sailors can pay and book easily online and purchase services such as electricity/water, wifi and access to service facilities.
  • Permanent residents can manage the berth's cSight, e.g. report the berth as temporarily vacant, view consumption statistics, pay for berths, and many other features.
  • The harbor’s staff get the overall overview of payments, consumption, occupancy rate, customer notices and customer contact, cSight Master control panel.

cSight top 10 features:


  • No more need for manual "sign turning" and traditional harbor labels.
  • Digital auto-signaling of red/green, space no. and icons for e.g. "harbor fees paid/not paid".
  • Automatic boat detection using precise ultrasonic sensor.
  • cSight automatically charges port payment via the dynamic LED sign when the sailor docks.
  • The sailor pays harbor fees online on his/her smartphone (Android and iOS) and cSight confirms digitally.
  • This eliminates the harbor master's manual control of harbor payments.
  • The sign is operated online by sailors and harbor master.
  • Full integration with our harbor management system provides even more benefits.
  • Permanent residents easily report berths temporarily available, which gives a higher occupancy rate of the berths.
  • Perfect overview for the harbor master of paid, available/occupied berths directly in CompuMarina

cSight revolutionizes port payments

cSight is mounted directly on the harbor bridge's berths and signals available/occupied, place no., symbols, timers etc. Boats that have arrived are automatically detected by cSight, which signals to the arriving sailor how to pay the harbor dues. The sailor can easily pay online via his/her smartphone or on the CompuSoft self-service machine or at the port office, depending on the sailor’s own preference. The harbor master is automatically notified if the sailor does not pay harbor dues within a specific period of time. When the permanent resident temporarily leaves their berth, they can easily report the berth available online. No more manual control of harbor payments. No more traditional harbor labels on the boats. And no more problems with available berths having the wrong signage.


Built to withstand storm surge

In Denmark, the coastlines are occasionally affected by storm surge. cSight passed the ultimate test when storm surge last inundated harbors in large parts of Denmark. In Middelfart's NyHavn2, all 50+ cSights were under approx. 1 meter of water for several hours. Fortunately, the owners have nothing to worry about, because cSight is industrially produced to withstand any situation in the harsh outdoor environment.

Stormflod januar 2019.jpg

Storm surge with elevated water level. Photo by Pia Pedersen, 02.01.2019. Middelfart

100% compatible with Marina booking

Did you know that Denmark's leading booking portal for yachtsmen, Marina Booking, has been given a new look? CompuSoft has recently given the portal a graphical overhaul, making booking berths even more elegant.
If your harbor is a member of Marina Booking, cSight can enhance the guest experience by welcoming sailors with their boat name on the display. cSight turns off automatically when the sailor arrives at their berth.
Visit for more information.


Marinabooking is Denmark's leading booking portal for sailors, and the latest version has made it even easier to book your next stay. Visit from your PC, tablet or smartphone and read more.