Booking and Management

CompuBook is a comprehensive and very versatile booking and management system offering all the features your have ever dreamed of.

CompuBook booking system offers you so much more than just standard booking features

With CompuBook you obtain a professional booking and administration platform designed to meet the different requirements of a company or chain of any size.


The booking system is efficient and resource-saving and will streamline your guest flow, so your guests will get a quick service.


Your work flow is optimized and your management burden is minimized.


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Individually customized user profiles for frontline staff and key workers help you streamline all processes 


The CompuBook booking and management system is a very versatile booking and business platform for your company.


The system is specifically tailor-made not only to your business but also to each employee's specific tasks. In fact, the system is so flexible structured that you are allowed to customize even the smallest detail. The booking system covers everything you need for a well-functioning and efficient reception, administration, and management.


We help you customize all the indvidual user profiles that you need. You choose workflow and feature settings, and make individual user profiles for your staff with independent workflow and  feature packages for each employee. Like this, you can adapt each user profile or user interface to its specific purpose.

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We support superior guest care and service


Guests have different expectations and needs. With the system's smart guest profiles, you can write down wishes prior to guests's stay. It can for instance be certain types of accommodations, locations, views, arrival / departure times and pre-booking of welcome packs, wellness, etc.


Thus, the booking system generates accommodation suggestions based on the guest profile. Prior to the guest's arrival, task lists are generated and via the integrated task manager, tasks are delegated to your staff. Like this everything is prepared for the guest's arrival.


If the guest approves that you store his profile, the front staff will be reminded of the guest's special requests next time the guest books, and the guest can immediately enjoy his stay.

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We help you reduce your workload with automation, streamlining and integration


Coherence between your company's functions and your IT solution is critical to success. CompuBook booking and management system combines all functions in one combined IT solution and provides significant benefits.


We have automated and streamlined routine tasks and workflow. This means your staff will have the opportunity to work smarter and spend time on new  and more important tasks.

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More features than you can imagine


CompuSoft's booking concept includes a wealth of features and tools designed to streamline the workflow of the reception and administration. The many intelligent features open up new opportunities for your business. New opportunities for easier and better customer service, targeted marketing, professional overview and handling of all types of bookings, events and tasks, automated customer accounts and document management.  Everything can be tailored to your business

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Large selection of optional modules


At CompuSoft, you get access to a comprehensive product portfolio that can be combined and integrated with your booking system, so that you get one complete IT solution that embraces all aspects and challenges in your business.


List of selected optional modules:

Financial integration, group booking, event management, conference module, catering plans, owner administration module, online booking, 'live' synchronization of booking channels, gift card module, allotment management, annual card management, voucher module, outlook integration, Yield management, customer questionnaires, etc.

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One complete IT system


The booking system forms the cornerstone of your reception and can be integrated with all other CompuSoft products. For example, self-service terminals for check-in/check-out, MobilePay, access control, consumption payment, ticketing, restaurant solution, checkout solutions for shops, parking system and everything else connected. We give you the ultimate overview of your guests and your facility. All the data is gathered in one system. Easy evaluation of cash flow, guest additional purchases and use of facilities. Your guests get easy access to all services and facilities via a smart code on their mobile phone, via smart card, armband or other media.

Get insight with CompuSoft Dashboard and Business Intelligence

CompuSoft Dashboard is an interactive and graphical tool with many options for graphical visualization of your data. With easy-to-understand graphs, charts and meters, it is easy for you to see the overall picture for your business. CompuSoft Dashboard consists of interchangeable and configurable graphics modules that can compile your data from different data sources and provide a better understanding of how the individual parts of your business interact.

For example, you get insight of:


  • Number of bookings by product type and customer type.
  • Number of bookings this year compared to last year.
  • Where do your bookings come from? (From phone calls, online booking, booking channels, attendance at the reception, etc.).
  • Today's top-selling products.
  • Cash Flow per cash terminal and per clerk, compared with other periods.


Define your own Dashboard and get insight in all important key figures.

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Have only one solution and experience all benefits.


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