We care about sustainability

At CompuSoft we have a strong focus on finding green solutions and thinking sustainability into products and into our daily life. We prioritize sustainability in our product development and in all new investments.


Stay Green with CompuSoft

Stay green with CompuSoft

CompuSoft’s data center is powered by 100 % sustainable solar energy. This means that your guests can book holidays, experiences, and sports with a green conscience.


It was with great pride and excitement when CEO Thomas Traberg-Larsen was able to flip the green switch in the fall of 2021 and move the energy consumption of our data center to 100 % sustainable solar energy.


ComuSoft has established a 48 KW hybrid solar system on the roof of our operations center on Fyn. A larger battery bank has also been connected. The solar system is designed to deliver far more power than our entire company consumes, including our hosting center, office operations, and production. The solar system exists of 150 solar panels.


As a solution provider for many of the largest leisure, sports, and culture facilities in Scandinavia and Germany we have a responsibility to support sustainability. Since our operations center on Fyn is perfectly situated for utilizing the sun’s rays it makes sense to focus on solar energy.


Our “Clean booking certificate” is available as a download for you to use in your marketing and thus, tell your guests that you support sustainability.

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More green energy with our wind turbine project

The Municipality of Nordfyn, Teknik- og Miljøudvalg, just approved another sustainable CompuSoft-project. CompuSoft want to become 100 % sustainable and today our server park is already powered by solar energy. Now that the Municipality of Nordfyn has given their approval, we are looking forward to setting up our own wind turbine, so that the entire company, consisting of 700 km2 halls and 1000 km2 offices, can run exclusively on sustainable energy.

We are in the process of obtaining solution proposals for some of the largest household wind turbines on the market. It is our hope and expectation to be self-sufficient in electricity by the spring of 2023.

Energy-saving measures

In our 1000m2 office building, we use only LED lightning. All rooms are equipped with motion sensors that automatically turn off the lights in rooms that are not on use. Our very own Smart Facility CompuMat-system makes sure all lights in the building are automatically switched off when the last person checks out and only switch on again when the first person checks in.

The heat from the server park is reutilized

Our server park services busy companies within the experience industry in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany and thus also all their visitors. The enormous amount of traffic on our servers generates a lot of heat which we reutilize to heat up our entire warehouse and our workshop facilities.

Lots of greens and minimal food waste

Every day, our kitchen offers employees and guests healthy dishes with a strong focus on fruits and vegetables. We repackage any left over food into smaller portions that our employees can take home for dinner.