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Put together your very own workshop 

Put together your very own workshop


Put together an individually tailored workshop just for your team. In the workshop you will receive tips for optimal utilization of your system’s features and for an aimed use of the system. We deal with topics of your choice and are also happy to present new features. We help streamline your business’ workflow so your team can work efficiently.


Maybe you want to optimize your business’ workflow. Or you and your team want a walk-through of selected functions. Maybe you need help for setup, prices, and forms – or something entirely different.  

Please book in advance


We recommend you book your workshop well in advance. Our consultants are especially busy during the spring and summer months.


You can choose to have your workshop in one of our conference rooms in Søndersø near Odense, or we can arrange for a digital workshop via Microsoft Teams.  


Pricing: Consultant time is invoiced according to the time spent + a small additional charge for food and drinks during the workshop.

Contact us to learn more


Phone: +45 6318 6318

E-mail: [email protected]